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Dynamic Linear Models with R, Springer 2009
Click here for the book web page, containing the data sets and the R code used in the book, and a list of typos

Selected Papers
  • "Kriging for Hilbert-space valued random fields: The operatorial point of view", Journal of Multivariate Analysis, with Alessandra Menafoglio.
  • "A Bayesian framework for functional time series analysis",
  • "Sexually violent predators: toward reasonable estimates of recidivism base rates", Behavioral Sciences and the Law, with Daniel Neller.
  • "State Space Models in R", Journal of Statistical Software, 41, with Sonia Petrone.
  • "An R package for Dynamic Linear Models", Journal of Statistical Software, 36.
  • "A geometric approach to transdimensional MCMC", The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 31, with Luca Tardella.
  • "On mixtures of distributions of Markov chains", Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, 100 with E. Regazzini, S. Fortini, L. Ladelli.
  • "Recent developments in heteroskedastic time series," in Statistics and Finance: An Interface, with N. H. Chan.
  • "Long memory stochastic volatility: a Bayesian approach," Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods 29, with N. H. Chan.
  • "Bayesian time series modelling with long-range dependence," Technical Report 686, Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, with Mike West
  • "Simulating from mixed distributions, with applications to Bayesian model selection," Technical Report 681, Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, with Luca Tardella. (Revised version.)
  • "Bayesian spectral analysis of long memory time series," Proceedings of the 1996 Joint Statistical Meetings
  • "Bayesian inference for contingency tables with given marginals," Journal of the Italian Statistical Society 4, with Eugenio Melilli
  • "Some critical aspects of the use of exchangeability in statistics," Journal of the Italian Statistical Society 1, with Eugenio Regazzini
  • "On de Finetti's representation theorem," Metron 47, with Piercesare Secchi

  • Research Interests
    Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo methods in statistics, Time series and state space models.


    Fall 2017:
    STAT 5103: Introduction to Probability Theory
    STAT 639V: Topics in Statistics: Probability Theory

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